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Carat's client portal, PGHubStack, integrates with multiple software applications and is a collection of software solutions offered in a suite-like fashion.

About PGHubStack

PGHubStack gives clients the flexibility to choose the applications they want to buy and use.

PGHubStack is designed with 2 key concepts: Hub + Stack.


A central point of access to all the apps apart of the stack.


A collection of applications designed to be modular and flexible.


Discover the applications powering the next data frontier.

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RealPost - TV


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RealPost - Digital


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Integrated campaign management platform that monitors and tracks campaign performance.

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Programmatic OLV Budget Calculator - Audience forecast and planning tool.

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Media Match

Media Operations

A FinOps application that facilitates the internal management of vendor payment, billing and reconciliation processes.

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Carat Content Impact Index with embedded AI. Proprietary measurement tool that scores campaign attributes.

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Media Operations

Event Unit-Based Buying Purchased to Actualized

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Get insights to dig down into wha's powering your growth the most.


Visualize your data in new and exciting ways with our advanced visualization tools.


Get detailed insights into your data with our powerful analytics tools.

Best practices

Implement best practices for managing your data with our comprehensive guides.


Our platform is flexible, giving you the freedom to manage your data your way.

Trusted Worldwide

Backed by Dentsu Carat, a global leader in digital marketing.

Our rigorous data analytics standards are at the heart of all we do. We work tirelessly to provide value to all our customers.

Real-time Data Insights

Get real-time insights into your data with our modern analytics platform

Global Data Coverage

Access data from over 100 countries around the world with our platform

Scalable Data Processing

Process millions of data points per day with our scalable platform

Secure Data Management

Keep your data safe and secure with our advanced security features

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